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Gilkey Windows Make It Possible To Get The High Performance Advantages of A Full Replacement Installation—Without The High Costs

Before Gilkey windows came along, homeowners could choose to have either an Insert replacement or a Full Frame Replacement.

The Benefits And Disadvantages of An Insert Window

Lower Cost – But Some Problems With Trim Can Get Overlooked: An insert replacement costs less than a full replacement. It leaves the interior trim in place. It also takes the installation workers a lot less time because they just have to pop the old windows out and pop the new windows in, without much more effort. However, this meant that the interior of the window would remain in place, even though these surrounding materials were often rotting and inefficient. If the interior of the frame was in poor condition, that could lead to additional stress on the window, which can lead to a ruptured seal, and most of the efficiency is lost.

Less Viewing Area:

Insert windows fit into the old window frames, but the finished product was less desirable and left the window glass “viewing” area greatly reduced.

The Full Frame method allowed for the original rough opening size to be maintained but added extra cost and would require the homeowner to purchase all new trim when it may or may not be necessary.

Gilkey Has The Best Options For Installation In The Replacement Window Industry

Advantages of Gilkey Installation

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