Gilkey Windows Structural Performance:
Forced Entry

This test reproduces the efforts of a well-equipped individual attempting to force entry. The test has three phases. Testers begin by trying to force open the window using tools like a knife blade, screwdriver, and wire. They then attach a cable to strategic points on the window and apply increasing loads. If the window continues to resist, they use tools again in a third attempt.

Windows rated F1 have a locking system, but have not been tested for forced entry.

Windows rated F2 have successfully passed the test at level 10. Gilkey windows are rated F2, level 40.

Rating Level Window Type
Level indicates the initial load applied to the cables
Level 40 - 300 lb. Gilkey Windows
Level 30 - 250 lb. High-end
Level 20 - 200 lb. Mid-range
Level 10 - 150 lb. Low-end
Forced entry resistance

  1. Parallel to the window from the handle
  2. Perpendicular to the window from the handle, first by pulling then by pushing
  3. Parallel to the window at center of the sash, from the bottom upward
  4. Perpendicular to the window where the sashes meet, toward the interior
The results are from national tests under the following standards:
AAMA NWDA 1011.S2-97

Download window performance Download a PDF of the Gilkey Window Performance data