Gilkey Windows Structural Performance:
Wind Resistance

This test measures the wind pressure a 30" x 72" window can withstand without suffering breakage (structural shattering) or permanent damage (structural deformation). The chart below shows the DP (Design Pressure) ratings or the highest wind loads a window withstands.

Wind Velocity Grade (USA) Window Type
220 mph DP 85 Gilkey fixed, casement and awning windows
205 mph DP 70 Gilkey sliding and hung windows
180 mph DP 55 High-end
160 mph DP 40 High-end
130 mph DP 30 Mid-range
110 mph DP 20 Low-end
Wind resistance in window structures
The results are from national tests under the following standards:
AAMA NWDA 1011.S2-97

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