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Whether you’re looking at the aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, safety, or other facets of your home, chances are good that you’ll need to consider your windows. But windows wear out over time and become close to obsolete as new technology becomes available – so why not change them up with some replacement windows?

If you’re wondering exactly what some of the signs are that you might need to replace your windows in the near future, these four signs will tell you what you need to know. Reach out to your local window specialist if you have further questions.


Good, solid windows help to keep the air from the outside from getting inside, and vice versa, thus cutting down your energy costs in heating and cooling your home. If you’ve noticed your energy bills slowly climbing up over the last few years, the culprit might be your old windows.

As your windows age, they get less and less good at preventing solar loss or solar gain, making your heating and cooling systems work harder to regulate temperature within your home and thus driving your energy costs up. Replacing your windows can help you save on your energy bills while making your home more temperate and comfortable to be in.


Basic window glass is a better deterrent to thieves than a gaping hole where the window should be – but not by much. If your house was built before about 1970 or so, it’s extremely likely that your home has single-pane windows, which are easy for a determined thief to break through and gain access to your home and valuables.

Double-pane windows – or, even better, triple-pane windows – are doubly or triply lined with glass, and thus doubly or triply protective and incredibly hard to break through. You can also replace your single-pane windows with impact windows, which help protect against thieves and storm debris alike.


Windows should help to insulate your home not only against sun and thieves but also against the hustle and bustle that comes from living in a rather noisy world. But if your windows are old or have small, hairline cracks, then they’ll let in all the outside noise – cars, people, music, etc. – that you want to stay outside.

Replacing your windows with new ones (especially if the new ones are thicker than the old ones) will help to keep outside noise out of your home and thus reduce annoyance – especially at night, when outside noises can cost you sleep.


Smart phones, smart watches, smart fridges – with technology continually changing and evolving, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest smart technology: smart windows. These windows, though not extremely commonplace as of yet, can make your home that much better at dealing with the ever-changing conditions of weather.

Smart windows can change from clear to dark, can prevent glare, can reflect the heat as the sun beats down on your home, and can even tint themselves to protect your privacy.

Ultimately, you want your home to be as safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing as possible, and your windows play a large role in creating a home that’s comfortable to live in. Replacing your windows can help improve both the look and function of your home and can give you more peace of mind knowing that at least one part of your home is up to date.

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