Explaining Condensation to Concerned Customers

This is the time of year that homeowners may start to see condensation on their doors and windows. If this is their first cold season with one or both of these new products in their home, they may reach out to you, thinking something is wrong. Sharing this information can help reassure them that it's a normal effect of chilly weather!

Interior Condensation

Condensation typically occurs inside the home when it's extremely cold outside and the humidity level inside is too high to support the colder temperatures. As the outside temperatures drop, reducing the humidity level inside will help reduce condensation.

How to avoid indoor condensation

Exterior Condensation

Condensation on the exterior of the home occurs naturally when the outside air and Dew Point temperatures are close to being the same. When this happens, the air becomes 100% saturated with water vapor, which is then released to lay on exterior surfaces of the home.

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