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A high-quality sliding window is a great way to increase natural light while keeping simple functionality. Gilkey Window Company has been building and installing high-quality windows for over forty years and has the experience to find the perfect fit for your home. Mike Gilkey started with a dream to solve many problems other windows have in the industry and has successfully designed a window that stands out.

Our three panel slider allows ventilation from either side and creates panoramic views.

Our two panel slider is a perfect choice where a projecting window may interfere with walkways, patios or a deck.

High Quality Sliding Windows

At Gilkey Window Company, we use high-quality wood and vinyl for our sliding windows to ensure lasting value. We also use high strength glass that can withstand force winds of up to 205 mph. Triple or quadruple weather stripping is included for higher energy efficiency. No corners are cut in the production of our windows, and that produces a higher quality product then many other window companies can offer.

Sliding Windows are Energy Efficient

Sliding windows often are more energy-efficient than other types of windows due to the design. A sliding window can be closed firmly without a lot of extra moving parts to prevent leakage. Gilkey sliding windows also come with multiple chambers for better thermal insulation and soundproofing. Each sliding window has triple or quadruple weather-stripping to keep the elements out and lower heating and cooling bills.

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Gilkey Window Company produces high quality sliding windows that you will enjoy many years into the future. Our experts will walk you through the process, from the first concepts to installation and everything in between. Talk to us soon to get more information.

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