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Mike Gilkey

Over Forty Years Ago Mike Gilkey Started Building Revolutionary Windows That Were Completely Different From All Other Manufacturers.

When Mike Gilkey set out to engineer a better window, he knew he had to fix the most common problems in the replacement window industry. These problems included:

  • Weak vinyl Frames that warp or bend
  • Rot or decay from wood or wood clad windows
  • Colors that fade or won’t hold up in the sun
  • Poor quality hardware
  • Moisture seeps through cracks and damages interior walls
  • Glass that fogs up

Mike Gilkey solved these problems by creating a completely new class of window.

Gilkey and other window companies have virtually nothing in common:

Some of the major innovations that make Gilkey Windows so popular include:

  • Honeycomb chambers to strengthen the frames
  • Fiberglass reinforcement to help strengthen and eliminate expansion and contraction
  • Welded frames at the corners (not screwed or glued together)
  • European hardware for style and durability
  • Acrylic laminates for long term color and heat reflection

Incredibly Strong Frames Are the Foundation of Gilkey Quality

The strength of the frame sets Gilkey windows apart. Our window frames are structured with a unique honeycomb interior with 23 chambers to add incredible strength. They will not sag or bow. They retain their efficiency. Our incredibly strong frames also work to combat strong winds, and even work to help prevent intruders.

Gilkey Quality and Efficiency Is Noticeable—and the Benefits Pour in, Year After Year

An inefficient window is cold to the touch when it’s freezing outside. When it’s hot outside, an inefficient window is warm to the touch. This doesn’t happen with a Gilkey Window. Gilkey Windows actually feel warmer to the touch in winter and cooler to the touch in summer. That kind of efficiency only occurs when a window is of the highest quality.

Ask Any Expert in the Industry and They’ll Tell You, Gilkey Is Synonymous With Quality Windows and Doors

We specialize in the custom manufacture and installation of the highest quality windows and doors available, providing excellent long-term value. Unlike many other home improvement companies, Gilkey focuses on windows, providing a higher level of product knowledge and a commitment to excellent customer service.

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