Casement Windows in Lexington, KY

Gilkey casement and awning windows can offer European charm to any home.

It is not hard to see the benefits of a high-quality casement window like you will find at Gilkey Window Company in Lexington, KY. They are designed for high ventilation as well as a large viewing area unobstructed by framing. At Gilkey Window Company, we have been producing high-quality casement windows for over forty years and learned a few things along the way. Mike Gilkey started his company knowing he could engineer a window that is much better than his competitors and he was right.

Casement Windows Built to Last

At Gilkey, we believe that a window purchase should be a once in a lifetime event, and we build our windows to meet that expectation. The hardware we have designed is much more robust than other windows on the market and uses a roller design instead of a plastic runner. The window is reinforced with a carbon block inside the window casing instead of screwed directly to the vinyl as other brands do. We use screws that will go through two walls for extra stability and security. Every step of the way we are thinking about how we can improve the overall quality of the window and our True Lifetime Warranty will cover it.

Energy Efficient Casement Windows

Casement windows are great for energy efficiency because there are fewer points in the design that can leak. At Gilkey Window Company, we use triple weather stripping and install a single piece all around the window to prevent as much leaking as possible. We also have a unique locking mechanism that will pull the window tightly shut instead of just hook it in place. The multi-chamber glass we use adds more thermal protection as well as soundproofing to save you money on your heating and cooling bill. Windows can be a terrible source of leak throughout your home, but with Gilkey, you will not have to worry about it. Give us a call soon to get information about the windows that could improve your home. We can't wait to speak with you.

This awning over the kitchen sink is a perfect choice for a great outdoor view and ventilation even during a summer rain.

Our double casement opens out to capture the most breeze and also makes it easy to keep the glass clean and the view spectactular.

SERIES 1000 Window Systems

Gilkey casement opening and locking mechanisms come with a corrosion-proof finish, which means they’ll stay stronger for longer.

  • Triple seal design on the casement and awning
  • Matching dedicated picture window profile
  • 1” to 1-3/8” glazing pocket
  • Design to use the Stainless Steel heavy duty roller bearing hinge system
  • Contemporary clean design
  • Commercial rated certified test results
  • Chemically welded corner key design

Gilkey Casement & Awning Window Gallery

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