Fiberglass Windows in Louisville, KY

Have you been looking everywhere around Louisville and still can't seem to find the right size fiberglass replacement window? Whether the window you are looking for is a standard size or requires custom construction to get the right size to fit your particular space, it makes no difference. That is because when you live in Louisville, KY, you have access to the locally manufactured, high-quality fiberglass replacement windows produced by the Gilkey Window Company. Whether you are looking for a stock size window or need something custom produced, we can help get the look, quality, and durability that you are looking for every time. Give us a call and get started getting the right window for your home today.

The Size and Style Your Home Demands

What is most important to you when choosing a new window? Are you looking for a fiberglass replacement window that meets building codes for egress, or are you just looking to add a little more ambient lighting to your second story guest bedroom? For every application, there is an optimal window and a set of requirements that need to be followed to get the best results possible. At the Gilkey Window Company, we offer many different styles of windows such as double-hung, casement, and bay windows to fit just about any application in a wide variety of sizes. Get online to learn more, or give us a call and let us know how we can help get your home looking great near Louisville.

Not Just Any Window, A Gilkey Window

When you are the standard-setter in fiberglass replacement windows, you can't just settle for any old off the assembly line product. You have to demand excellence in every window that you produce, no matter the size and no matter the style. Those reasons are just a few that set Gilkey Window Company Windows apart from the competition. With excellent U-values, capable of withstanding winds up to 205 mph, and four times stronger break-in protection than the competition, there is nothing quite like a Gilkey Window on the market. Find the perfect window for your home in Louisville, and get the window your home deserves with us.

Advantages of Fiberglass Windows

Stability / Predictable Performance

The material characteristics of pultruded fiberglass include very low rates of expansion and contraction. This characteristic provides an excellent advantage in maintaining good seal contact in hot or cold weather due to reduced movement of frames, sash and glass relative to each other.

Environmental Considerations

Fiberglass is a natural choice when you’re seeking energy-efficient, green, sustainable solutions. Typically, fiberglass requires no added materials to reinforce it, reducing the bulk and weight of windows and doors, helping cut transportation costs in the process. The main ingredient in fiberglass is glass. Since glass is made from sand ─ an abundant, natural, non-depleting resource ─ fiberglass is a highly-sustainable solution.

Strength / Durability

A well-engineered fiberglass window demonstrates vastly superior strength characteristics when compared to other windows, like PVC. Fiberglass provides eight times greater sheer strength when compared to PVC.

Energy Efficiency / Low Conductivity

Fiberglass features the lowest embodied energy (low energy consumption in lineal production) when compared to other common window frame materials, as well as providing the longest life expectancy.

Low Maintenance

Fiberglass is an extremely stable material. It provides an ideal base for a full range of finishes – ensuring unbelievable durability. Fiberglass will withstand extremes from Arctic cold to blazing desert heat…even the rugged seacoast!

Non-Corrosive Characteristics

The non-corrosive characteristic of the material is an advantage when considering coastal applications, especially in hot or cold climates

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