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Window Glass Options

Gilkey Window Company is a proud partner with Cardinal Glass as our preferred supplier of High Performance Coated glass products for our windows and doors. Cardinal Glass is considered the world’s leading provider of superior quality glass products for both the residential and commercial markets. From the melting of sand to produce crystal clear float glass to the vacuum sputtering of silver to produce low-emissivity coatings, Cardinal is recognized as the industry leader.

Below are the main Cardinal components Gilkey has selected for our (4) glazing offerings. Each designed for specific performance characteristics depending on your climate and desired insulation.

Enhanced performing glass Enhanced performing glass- Special coating of indium on the indoor lite reflects heat back into the room thus lowering U-Values for better winter time comfort.

Enhanced performing glass Ultra Clear Performance -Single layer of silver LoE ideal for added insulation when used in conjunction with LoE3-366® or LoE2-270® Allows for high visible light.

Enhanced performing glass The World’s most advanced stainless steel spacer system. Patented corrugated shape and design improves sightline temperature reducing condensation. Inorganic dual sealed for long term durability and peace of mind. No other glazing system compares.

Enhanced performing glass Naturally clean glass for windows that stay cleaner longer and easier. Windows coated with Neat® harness the power of the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away leaving windows virtually spotless.

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