Factory Direct to You Since 1978.

What does “factory direct” mean exactly? It means that the company you’re dealing with has a factory of their own where their products are manufactured. The products are offered directly to you, the public, with no middleman, suppliers or dealers in the process, cutting out a whole layer of added costs. This means you can get cutting edge performance and technology without paying a premium price tag.

A middleman is a dealer who buys his product from suppliers or manufacturers. The middleman offers the product to the public after he has marked up the price. The middleman can take various forms, whether it’s a distributor, a wholesaler, a contractor, sales organizations or a clearance warehouse. The bottom line is the middleman comes between you and the factory, adding unnecessary layers of cost to you, and less accountability to them.

Top 100 Window Manufacturer

Gilkey Window has been recognized as a Top 100 Window Manufacturer by Window & Door Magazine.

  • State of the art manufacturing facility Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Custom sized Vinyl or Fiberglass Windows
  • Fully automated profile lamination
  • Custom paint and color options

Mike Gilkey decided early on to do things differently. He has assembled the best craftsmen and craftswomen available, all trained and positioned for the task at hand. All Gilkey factory workers and installers take great pride in their jobs, and in knowing that Gilkey products are the best. It’s this hands-on personal care that separates the Gilkey Window Company from the high-volume assembly line products offered by most window companies.

If you’re in the Greater Cincinnati area, The Gilkey Window Company invites you to visit our factory and factory showroom, and watch your windows being made. You’ll see the most modern technology available, which makes a Gilkey Window the best it can be. From heavy duty premium hardware, to the most energy efficient and sophisticated glass options available today, you can be assured that you are getting the best value for your money.