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We’ve Got You Covered with Our Cool Color Foils.

Constant color, weather-resistant, scratch-resistant and resistant to heat build-up

Gilkey’s Cool Color Foils are designed to withstand the damaging effects of the sun and whatever else Mother Nature can throw at it. The laminate is made up of 3 layers which makes it even more efficient in reducing heat absorption, especially on dark surfaces.

  • The top layer is an acrylic overlay which strengthens the surface against scratching and chipping.
  • The base layer gives it strength and substance.
  • The white reflective middle layer is designed to keep the window material cooler. This layer contains the COOL Color IR reflective pigments–a patented technology.

Our laminate finish will maintain a truer color match than any painted coating. The laminate is about 8 times thicker than most painted products and about 4 times thicker than a cap stock product that other window manufacturers use.

Wood Designs and Color Options

Our collection of film coatings include a selection of popular wood designs and dynamic exterior colors.

Optimal appearance and durability.

Gilkey’s Cool Color Foils are remarkable. The quality and craftsmanship are unsurpassed in the industry. And, we’ve got you covered with a 20 year warranty, so you can relax and enjoy your new Gilkey Windows.

The Ultimate Exterior Film

RENOLIT EXOFOL FX is weather and uv-resistant. This high-performance material retains its gloss throughout its service life. In addition, the film's low surface tension makes it inherently dirt-repellent and therefore easy to clean.

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