The Quietest & Most Thermally Efficient Vinyl Patio Door on the Market Today.

A Patio Door from Gilkey Gives You More Than A Door. You Get an Engineering Triumph!

Performance that meets the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and meets the latest energy standards.

Patio door design that allows for optional one-inch thick, triple-glazed sealed units, with or without integrated aluminum blinds.

Efficient division between the glass and steel reinforcement, significantly reducing the risks of condensation.

Smooth & Quiet

Gilkey patio doors open smoothly and quietly thanks to Patented Dual-tandem Nylon Wheels, a Raised Rail to protect the wheels from dirt and debris. Along with perfectly straight and carefully adjusted parts to minimize friction and make for smoother operation.

MultiChamber Design

Our multichamber design reduces thermal exchange and, with more enclosed air space than other brands, increases insulation values–without the addition of costly, less recyclable insulating materials.

Multichamber profiles and multiple weatherstripping help eliminate most outside noise.

Gilkey Silensia Patio Doors are the easiest doors to open and operate in its’ category.


It’s smooth sliding all the way with Gilkey patio door screens. Our extruded aluminum screens, equipped with patented spring-loaded rollers, are fully adjustable at each corner, to prevent bothersome derailing.

Between-the-Glass Mini Blinds

Pleated and slat blinds between the glass with lift and tilt features which help increase the privacy of your home with a zero-maintenance assembly.

Multipoint Locking System

A multipoint locking system (optional) provides optimum resistance and security to forced entry.

Multipoint Locking System

We’re into Conservation®!

Our patio doors not only offer unique and distinctive technical features–they’re also all specially designed to save energy and preserve natural resources. Longer product life, and the best energy performance in the industry.

Clearly the Highest Value for Your Money

Gilkey patio door window systems feature a Lifetime/Transferable Warranty to protect your investment. All doors are custom-built in our state-of-the-art facility in Cincinnati. Your replacement patio door consultant can help you select from the many color and interior finish options.

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