Bay & Bow Windows

Create the Perfect Decorating or Sitting Space

Bay Windows Can Add Intrigue to Your Home

Experience the Versatility of Bay Windows

Bay windows create a nook or “bay” that’s perfect for a little extra decorating or sitting space. They extend out from your home a little, but they also give you the opportunity to add decorative dormers above each of your windows. As a result, your home will exhibit some Old World charm both inside and out.

Our windows also come with these benefits:

  • They have multiple chambers, which makes them more soundproof and energy efficient than most windows.
  • They have triple or quadruple layers of weather-stripping. This leads to less heat transfer through your windows, ultimately saving y ou money on heating and cooling.
  • They can endure strong forces, even those from 205-220 mph (330-350 km/h) winds.

Our bay windows also come with sweeping views and hidden storage areas. They allow you to create truly unique room configuratio ns. We also offer true lifetime warranties to ensure your windows last.



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