When Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Written March 3rd, 2020 by Gilkey Window Company

As most things age (like cars, toasters, shoes and clothes), they tend to not work as efficiently or look as good as when you first bought them. The same is true for windows. Sure, there are some definite signs that you need to replace your windows: broken glass, rotting frames, difficulty opening or noticeable cracks, but other signs aren't as clear.
"Most people don't think it's time to replace windows until either your window is literally broken or it's no longer functioning correctly," explains Jay Johnson, a window educational specialist and author of three books on windows. "If they look at a window that operates normally and doesn't look decrepit, they think the window is fine even though it might not be very energy efficient." And that's the problem. During times of extreme temperatures, homeowners usually notice how much hot or cold air is getting into their home, and that is when they realize it's time for new windows -probably later than they should have noticed.

When Should You Get New Windows?

We asked Johnson, who works for Gilkey Window Company, to explain the steps he uses to determine if a client really needs new windows. "Well, the first thing I spend time looking for are windows that are dilapidated and literally falling apart, or any rot or mold around the outside opening," he says. "I see rotted wood all the time -whether it's the window itself (because it's a wood window) or if it's the wood material around the window. Sometime it's on the outside, and that's usually because of the rain and snow. Those are typical signs you need new windows." Otherwise, Johnson says that the time to replace your windows is subjective. Maybe you're bored with the look of the windows, maybe you want a new shape or size. Either way, it's important to get high-quality windows when you decide to replace your current ones.

What Homeowners Need?

Johnson says that home-owners should look for double- or triple­pane windows that have a high rating from National Fenestration Rating Council, an independent non-profit organization that establishes objective window, door and skylight energy performance ratings. Also, make sure you buy new windows that offer a warranty, like the ones offered from Gilkey. "Gilkey cares to build a better window because we are selling it directly to the client and we aren't worried about selling it to dealers at a low wholesale price," says Johnson. "That affords [owner] Mike Gilkey the ability to get the best parts and the best components that he can get his hands on - and that's why we have a really great warranty."

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